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Hancock Public School District



Guidance & Counseling

School Counselor -- Michele Serafin

The counselor is available for several types of counseling: personal, academic and career counseling. Students may make an appointment to see the counselor during school hours or may drop into the counselor's office at any time which is located next to the principal's office. Brief personal counseling is also available; if the counselor feels that more in-depth counseling is needed, a referral to an outside agency is made.

31N Services Through Dial Help

Another program offered to Hancock Middle School students is our 31N program which takes place in conjunction with Dial Help counseling services. An application is available for students in need of targeted, individualized counseling throughout the school year. If your son/daughter is in need of counseling services, please reach out at any time.

If you have concerns about your son or daughter, please feel free to contact Mrs. Serafin at (906) 483-2540, ext 8111.


At-A-Glance Calendar for the Week of April 19, 2021

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