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Hancock Public School District



Welcome to Hancock Public Schools

Historical Perspective

In 1846 the Quincy Mine, nicknamed "Old Reliable," began producing copper to be shipped around the world. Its shafts plunged over 9,260 (1.75 miles) into the earth, chasing veins of pure copper (termed float copper) to be mined and extracted for use around the world. The mining expertise came from immigrants from countries such as Croatia, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, and many more European countries. The most skilled miners hailed from Cornwall, England whose mines consisted of deep shafts attached to horizontal tunnels that followed rich ore veins. When these immigrants arrived in the Copper Country, most did not share a common language, but they did share common values our community and students still possess today.

Hancock Public Schools was created to serve the offspring of these hardworking immigrants. The Bulldog pride in the Hancock community stems from values of this diverse deep-shaft mining community. Working far below the earth's surface, these teams of miners from varied backgrounds learned to respect each other for their complimentary skills, dedicated work ethic, and strong faith. This was the foundation of their humanity, they were a family that took care of each other in good times and bad. They quickly learned that working in teams, utilizing each individual's strength, was the recipe for individual and group success.

You will see this rich heritage in our district's students today, represented by the traits of tenacity, resilience, strong work ethic, goal oriented, creativity, confidence, courageous, and possessing a unique humanity. Teachers, staff, and leadership develop progressive and innovative programming to prepare our students to be productive members of our economy and society. What has not changed over the years is the dedication of our teachers, staff members, leadership teams, and parents to develop these core values in our students. This is the foundation of our Bulldog family, where futures are formed.

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Demographic Perspective

Hancock is a community nestled on the north side of the Portage Waterway. The school district serves about 700 students in grades K-12. The school district is comprised of four townships (Franklin, Quincy, Hancock and the City of Hancock).

The Hancock Public School staff is a blend of experienced teachers and recently hired teachers. Rapport between staff members is excellent, and staff/administration rapport is also good.

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At-A-Glance Calendar for the Week of January 18, 2021

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